West Town Tavern in Chicago

West Town Tavern closed last year and the space was recently purchased by Three Aces, a popular Italian restaurant on Taylor Street in Little Italy. Chef Matt Troost is the executive chef at Three Aces. Read on to find out more about this neighborhood favorite. You’ll also find out how Chef Susan Goss came to be on the West Town Tavern’s kitchen staff. We’ll also talk about the atmosphere and menu.

Chef Susan Goss

The food at the West Town Tavern is nothing short of dazzling. In the past, her Zinfandel restaurant in River North was an icon of American regional cooking. Since then, she has moved her restaurant to West Town. She is also famous for her fried chicken, and on Mondays she offers “Fried Chicken Night.”


For a truly authentic taste of British cuisine, the West Town Tavern offers a menu that incorporates traditional British techniques. Potted cheese is a signature dish, and beer cheese is an unusually British take on the classic. Sprouts are a traditional British dish, with an association with the country that goes back to Queen Victoria’s husband Albert. Traditional British combinations are characterized by contrasting flavors. The menu at West Town Tavern is sure to please both the heartiest and the most sophisticated palates.

Wine list

The wine list at West Town Tavern features a variety of Spanish wines, including a Manzanilla from Lustau and dry Sherry. Although there are no taps, there are many indigenous craft beers available by the bottle. While this is not a tap room, it is a cozy retreat from the blustery weather in Chicago. The restaurant is a great spot to unwind after a long day.


The ambiance at West Town Tavern is as warm and inviting as its name. The pub was established in May 2002 and was known for its comfort food and hospitable owners. Will Anderson, a resident of the building who moved in two years ago, was shocked when he heard about the closing of the bar and restaurant. He read about the closure in the restaurant’s e-newsletter. Ambiance at West Town Tavern had a good reputation and was a staple of the neighborhood.

Chicago Taco

After closing down West Town Tavern last week, new owners Drew and Susan Goss have opened Chicago Taco in the building’s former space. While the restaurant’s new owners may have changed the name, the staple ingredients are staying the same. In addition, the menu will include three wines. Both Gosses are alums of the West Town Tavern. The Chicago Taco at West Town Tavern opened last Friday, and the new owners say it’s already a hit with customers.