Contemporary Comfort Food

If you’re looking for a modern twist on comfort food, look no further than Edmonton-based Executive Chef Paul Shufelt. He’s re-imagined classic comfort dishes for a contemporary audience. A former chef in Quebec and Switzerland, Shufelt’s culinary training includes stints in Banff, Montreal, and Edmonton. His inspiration comes from the comforting food that his mother prepared for them at home. But what makes his creations so different from traditional comfort food?

Ina Garten’s Modern Comfort Food

Ina Garten’s Modern Comfort Food is a new cookbook from the renowned chef. Released on October 27, the cookbook contains recipes for comfort food that evoke memories of childhood. Garten’s recipes have become a staple in households all across the country. With over 11 bestselling cookbooks, 13 seasons on Food Network, and three Emmy Awards, Ina Garten has become a bestselling author and television star. She will discuss her latest creations and share some of her favorite recipes in this book.

The book also comes with a digital index of the recipes. Readers can quickly find the dishes they want to make using the index. The modern take on traditional comfort foods is an excellent introduction to Ina Garten’s signature style. She features all-new recipes for classics like beef stew and chicken pot pie, as well as recipes for quick weeknight dinners and cocktails. Whether you’re looking to make a family favorite or something special for guests, Modern Comfort Food will provide a plethora of delicious options for any meal.

Chef Paul Shufelt’s modern comfort food

If you’re looking for some great contemporary comfort food, then Chef Paul Shufelt has got you covered. While his accent may not be authentic Quebecois, you can tell his cooking style comes from his upbringing. Shufelt grew up southeast of Montreal and spent four years there before moving to Los Angeles. He learned the art of cooking from local chefs in the area and has cultivated a unique style.

A passionate foodie since childhood, Paul has worked in restaurants in Quebec, Canada, and Switzerland before embarking on his culinary training. Chef Shufelt now owns eight concepts under the Century Hospitality Group, including his own. Shufelt draws inspiration from his travels and hometown cooking, combining traditional recipes with modern flair. In the Edmonton Golden Plates competition, Shufelt’s dishes took the top prize, and the crowd raved about them.

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