Contemporary Comfort Food by Chef Susan Goss with Drew Goss is available for purchase! The Goss’ first cookbook contains over 100 recipe-inspired signature dishes based on Chef Susan’s 30 year of experience. Drew’s wine notes are accessible, yet surprising and far-reaching. There are many recipes for small plates, large plates and desserts, as well as a comprehensive pantry. This cookbook reads like a novel with its 4-color photographs by Pulitzer Prize winner Dan Dry and smart, contemporary design by Sam Silvio.

When Fino Sherry is recommended for fried chicken, you know that the author is a serious wine enthusiast. Drew Goss, along with Susan Goss, has many ideas for pairing the West Town Tavern recipes. These are the dishes that have made their Chicago bistro a favorite for almost a decade. It’s organized by season and a great resource for culinary inspiration.